Participation and communication

Jan 28, 2022čtení na 6 minut

Participation without people is like.... like what? Participation without people is not participation.
For any form of participation to be successful, people must be involved. For people to get involved, they need to know that something is happening.
So proper communication is our basic building block.


We should start by defining what we want to achieve in participation, what our goals are. This makes it easier to identify the target groups - who we need to reach.
The more carefully and in detail we define our goals and target groups, the better we can target our communication - choose the appropriate communication campaign. Each target group uses different media, has different access to information and in order to be successful we need to tailor our communication strategy to them. 

We set out the objectives of our participatory strategy at the beginning, now we need to develop them into individual key messages that match the target groups and also the right timing. 
Timing is a chapter in itself. Neither late nor early.  The right timing can be summed up in one word: on time. Hitting the right moment is like catching Golden snitch, but when you do, it's worth it. 
Abstract concepts, vague messages and confusing information are the road to participatory hell. Clarity, openness and directness are the keys to success. 

In today's information-overloaded age, with messages pouring in from all sides, expert research shows that the human brain perceives (and remembers) visually represented information better. What we should not underestimate is the visual style and branding of our participation. A consistent visual style that is visible and connects all the media used, the use of videos, photos and images will help us better capture and retain the attention of our citizens.

We have summarized the "what", "how", "where" and "when", but we have not said "who".  The person in charge, who is in charge of the whole process, who directs communication outward but also inward, who is ten steps ahead but also "last one out".

That you don't have and know such a person? It doesn't matter, that's what we, your PinCity partners, are here for.
We have the experience, we have the know-how, we have the tools, we have the ideas.
We are here for you!